Matthew F Davis
Stuntman/Actor/flips and rolls specialist
Commercial Licensed Driver
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 270 lbs
Eyes Brown

Matthew F Davis as a child idolized Jackie Chan, and soon began to enjoy Comedy/Action films. This love for films and Jackie inspired him to become an actor and stuntman. He also grew up with a love for entertainment wrestling and self-taught himself how to execute all the moves. This skill helped him hone his talents as a stuntman who can do flips, rolls, and falls. His execution with flair makes his work magic to watch!

He can be seen in The Last Astronaut, and other short films. He has also been behind the scenes as part of the crew and Assistant Director working cohesively with Victor V Gelsmino.

Mathew’s crew work, acting abilities, as well as agility are an asset to West Mount Action.