Kaiser Tin-U
Coordinator/ Martial Artist/ Wire Fighter/ Weapons Specialist/ videographer/vfx
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 165lbs
Eyes: Brown
Har: Black

Kaiser Tin-U is a multi-faceted Wu Shu martial artist, weapons specialist, and wire fighter. He also has extreme talent behind the camera as videographer, and vfx artist. But his leading trait is as a choreographer. Kaiser has the ability to create masterful fight scenes with just a basic description of the scene. He also has a keen eye for filming, knowing which angles work the best, and what shots to film to create a flawless video.
He can be found in many films such as Live Action Mulan, The Last Man Hunt, Death Wears a Young Face, Agent Simmons, and many more! His skill on and off camera are unparalleled.

Kaiser is one of the founders of West Mount Action Design, choreographer, stuntmen, martial artists, and videographer.